Urban Hydroponics (Growing Vertically, Ebb and Flow, Top Drip Feed, Volksgarden and Aeroponics)

Rotating Rotary Garden that uses low energy light and produces lettuce and tomatoes, low maintenance Aeroponics Tower, top feed drip and flood and drain systems and using growing vertically and save space. These are the 5 Urban Aquaponics Systems in this video compilation.
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Five Methods Listed Below with Credits To The Owners of Videos.
1. Volksgarden Rotary Low Energy Light

2. Low Maintainence Aeroponics For Urban Settings
FutureMe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSkzRoDz2SYUMxMmab0Edhg

3. Top Feed Drip and Flood And Drain 12 Site System

4. Growing Vertically With Layers

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This can be a fun hobby, family feeding and for commercial purposes. Hope, Exploration and Excitement For The Future !