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Space-saving devices are included in this list, as well as convenience devices. In addition, some of them are just plain cool.Frame Smart TV Many people will want a television in their condo, but there is a limited amount of space, and the TVs do not make for attractive displays when they are not in use.

What should be done? You can purchase a Frame Smart TV from Samsung, such as this one. When it is not in use, it appears to be an art piece. You can choose from a gallery of art on each TV. Also, the frame can be customized – black bezel, wood, white, or metal. You hang your TV flush to the wall with the wall mount.

If setting up your coffee maker’s automatic timer the night before is too much of a hassle, this coffee pot is for you. This coffee pot features a timer that can be controlled from your smartphone. It is possible to start the brewing process, set timers, and set reminders using the free WeMo app. Using a Wi-Fi Smart Plug, such as this one from Aukey, any device can be converted into a smart device. You can control anything plugged into it by connecting it to the app. You can also use Amazon Alexa to ask your coffeemaker to begin brewing while you are lying in bed. Countertop Dishwasher Space is at a premium in a condo and if you happen to live in an older condo with a galley kitchen, you might not have a dishwasher. You also might not have any room under the counter to install one. Here is your solution – a countertop dishwasher.

There is no doubt that you have heard about the Amazon Echo and its voice-activated assistant, Alexa, unless you have been living under a rock. Among other things, she can make a shopping list, play music, order online, tell you the news and weather, and much more. Aside from singing, playing games, and telling jokes, Alexa will also sing to you.

In terms of functionality, the Amazon Echo Dot is similar to the Amazon Echo, but is smaller and more affordable. You can connect a Smart Light Bulb to your Wi-Fi network by simply screwing it into an existing socket, downloading the app onto your phone, and connecting it to the light bulb. You can now dim the lights, schedule when they should be turned on and off, and make other adjustments using your smartphone. As an alternative, if you have an Amazon Echo or Dot, you may simply say “Alexa, turn off the lights,” and she will carry out your request.

A Crock Pot Slow Cooker with WeMo technology. Crock Pot’s slow cooker is equipped with WeMo technology, enabling you to control the slow cooker’s cooking settings via the free WeMo app. The crock pot can even be switched from “cook” to “warm” so that your dinner does not overcook if you are running late.

A Nest thermostat can be controlled remotely via the Nest app from anywhere, whether you are at home or away. The thermostat can be set to learn mode and will adjust the temperature based on your schedule. In either case, you will save money on your next heating or cooling bill.

Wine pourer made by Coravin. Are you interested in enjoying a glass of wine, but don’t want to open the entire bottle because you know you will not drink it all and what you do not drink will go to waste? You may be interested in the Coravin wine preserver. No matter what wine you are drinking, you do not need to pull the cork. The taste of your last glass will be just as exciting as your very first, regardless of whether you want a sip, a glass, or more. In what way does it work? Through the use of an extremely fine needle and a small amount of Argon gas, users are able to penetrate a cork, pour a glass and preserve the bottle as though it had never been opened.

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