Small Scale Aquaponics System For Hobbyist and Beginners

Solar Systems, Half Barrels, Using Your Home Aquarium, Using IBC Tanks. These are the projects for small scale aquaponics systems for hobbyist and beginners shared by actual aquaponics systems owners. Step by step sharing of how the system works. Have a fun time watching.
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It is a collection of methods from the creative commons directory I got from Youtube Video editor:

Below are the credits for the video owners
1) Solar powered

2) Using 2 Half barrels

3)Home aquarium

4) intermediate bulk container (IBC), IBC tote, or pallet tank
Gaspar Mestas

5) Subsurface Flow
Craig McDaniel

The videos compiled are under this license here — CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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