How To Harvest Chives (Gardening Tips And Tricks)


Welcome You To Discover Tips On Tricks On Harvesting Chives 🙂
here is a base that sits on my kitchen
counter and I choose something that I
like to look at because this base is
going to help me
harvest my fresh chives now when you
harvest herbs there a lot of herbs are a
lot more flavorful when they're fresh
so what I do is I bring my base right
out to the garden set it down when it
comes to harvesting chives what you want
to do you can either cut the entire
clump leaving a couple inches of stem
now the reason I want to leave these
stems if I leave enough for the plan to
make new growth about two inches or so
of stem that will just come bouncing
back and all he needed more chives and
then I put them all in the base and
that's going to send my kitchen counter
is going to look great for about a week
as a decorative element and then every
time I want fresh chives
I simply cut him off and i'll just come
with my scissors into little pieces to
my potatoes and like potato salad all
sorts of recipes now let me show you
another way that you can harvest your
let's only a few and these are starting
to bloom you can see the buds right here
and i like my chives to bloom especially
in the summertime they have very pretty
pink flowers so i'll just go down here
and i'll just take the outer leaves I'll
just remove these outer leaves because i
only want let's say a few tries to use
but you're not disturbing the flowers
it's just that easy