OBS Studio Tutorial For Removing Background Noise – YeahLikes Shares Practical Steps To Achieve Excellent Sound Quality

OBS Studio Tutorial For Removing Background Noise

OBS Studio Tutorial For Removing Background Noise. YeahLikes Shares Practical Steps To Achieve Excellent Sound Quality.

OBS Studio Tutorial For Removing Background Noise
OBS Studio Tutorial For Removing Background Noise

Many apps are available for streaming, but it is important to make sure that the sound you are providing is free of background noise. Among these applications is OBS Studio, which provides several built-in tools for reducing background noise and preserving your voice. So without further ado, let’s see how to remove background noise from OBS Studio.

What is the best method for removing background noise in OBS? It is necessary to use filters in OBS if you wish to modify the sound. It is fortunate that the app includes a couple of filters dedicated to noise reduction. Adding a filter can be accomplished by clicking on the Settings gear in the Audio Mixer section and selecting Filters. A window called Filters will appear. You can add a filter by clicking on the Plus sign. It is possible to choose from eight filters provided by OBS. Two of them, “Noise Gate” and “Noise Suppression,” are designed for noise cancellation.

To reduce background noise, you can first add a Noise Suppression filter. This value is set by default to -30dB, which is the recommended starting point. Record a short sample to determine if this value is sufficient to eliminate background noise. In this case, you may need to adjust the suppression level. If there is still a considerable amount of background noise, increase the dB level, and decrease it if the applied suppression level is too high and cuts your voice as well as the noise. Noise Gate is another filter that can be used in OBS to eliminate background noise. Compared to the previous filter, this one is a bit different. It functions as a real gate in the sense that it does not permit any signal to pass if the volume of the signal drops below a certain threshold. Depending on the threshold, certain sounds are allowed to enter and others are not.

In addition to Noise Gate, Noise Suppression can also be used together. Background noise in your surroundings has a major impact on this. After trying different suppression levels and not seeing much improvement, you may wish to consider adding Noise Gate. Default settings should be used as a starting point, and the settings can be adjusted as needed. As every case is unique, you should spend some time beforehand playing with your filter settings in order to find the best levels that are compatible with your audio devices and the surroundings.

If you find digging into the settings and setting up filters to be a hassle, you may want to consider an easier method of removing background noise in OBS. Therefore, if it is not for you and you are looking for a quick solution, you may wish to consider Krisp. There is an app called Krisp that works with a number of communication and recording applications, including OBS. By applying artificial intelligence, it recognizes unwanted noises and removes them in real time from your recording or stream. Getting Krisp up and running is as simple as following a few steps. When you have completed the process, you are no longer required to worry about any noises – Krisp will handle all noise for you, helping you to have a successful stream with clear sound.

What is the procedure for setting up Krisp with OBS?

1. Krisp is available for free download through the Krisp app

2. Install Krisp by following the instructions provided by the Wizard

3. Once you have selected the Audio tab in OBS, go to Settings.

4. Next, switch the Mic/Auxiliary Audio to the Krisp Microphone (Krisp).

5. It’s all done! Let Krisp perform its noise cancellation magic as you record or stream with OBS. For your next recording or streaming session, use Krisp noise cancelling app together with OBS Studio to achieve a noiseless recording or streaming experience.

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