Indoor Hydroponics Growing System

Rotating Wheel Garden, Low Energy Requirement Lighting with Automatic Water Feeder, Grow Cabinet with Grow box and could be combined with different types of lighting etc (customization), Space Saving and Environment Controlled Vertical Farming, Vertical Tower with Fish and Top Drip Feed, Flood and Drain, Nutrient Mixer and Doser. These are types of indoor hydroonics growing systems compiled.

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Types of Systems described below for your reference.
1. Using Rotating Wheel Low Energy Light System

2. Grow Box Cabinet

3. Building Layers of Growth With Vertical Growing

4. Combination of Hydroponics Wtih Fish

5. Ebb and Flow / Top Drip Feed and Water Powered Doser For Nutrients

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Nutrient Water Powered Doser –
Drip System Flo N Grow –
Flo N Gro with OCEANUS controller 12 Site

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