Hydroponics for Beginners (Tent Starter Kit ,Flood & Drain, Vertical Aeroponics, Doser)

From easy to build tent starter kit, automated ebb and flow, water doser and vertical aeroponics, this video sharing aims to give you a guide to Hydroponics for beginners. It is easy to digest the knowledge sharing and some have step by step instructions. You can understand concepts and systems too.
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Carefully selected list of videos from Youtube video editor.
1) In the lab

2) Rotary Volksgarden

3) Tent Starter Kit

4) Drip-n-Grow
5) Ebb and Flow
6) Water Doser
Sunlight Supply, Inc. https://www.youtube.com/user/sunlightsupply

7) Aeroponics Explanation and Walk through
FutureME https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSkzRoDz2SYUMxMmab0Edhg

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Mother — Stella San

Me — Anthony Zheng Gao

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