How To Use Handbrake To Create MP4 H.265 – Yeah Likes Shares Expert Tips And Tricks

How To Use Handbrake To Create MP4 H.265

How To Use Handbrake To Create MP4 H.265. Yeah Likes Shares Expert Tips And Tricks.

How To Use Handbrake To Create MP4 H.265
How To Use Handbrake To Create MP4 H.265

HandBrake is a great open-source converter for experienced users. It’s a bit intimidating for beginners because of the complex interface and all the parameters. Improper HandBrake H.265 settings can stop encoding, cause audio and video to be out of sync and cause HandBrake not to work. The HEVC/H.265 encoding in HandBrake takes a lot of memory and cycles, so encoding large videos will take a while. HandBrake is not user-friendly or efficient, so we recommend an alternative. With the support for Lightning Mode and Hardware Acceleration, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro converts videos at fastest speed taking advantage of computer hardware. With its easy-to-use interface, you can encode and convert videos in one click. Here’s how to encode H.265 with this HEVC converter.

The well-known H.264 is being replaced by HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). The most distinguishing characteristic of H.265 over H.264 is its promise of about double compression at the same bit rate as H.264. In other words, H.265 video files are approximately half the size of H.264 video files of the same quality. It must be thrilling for you to be able to encode your large recordings to H.265 for video compression and free up your hard drive space. In the context of free video converters, the renowned and acclaimed HandBrake X265 encoder should be of great interest to you. For HandBrake H.265 encoding, please refer to the guide below.

In spite of this, converting H.264 to H.265 may not always be worthwhile. To reduce file size at the same bit rate, you are suggested to re-encode to HEVC using Handbrake if your source is not H.264. When the source video is already high-compressed H.264, converting H.264 to H.265 with Handbrake won’t result in much bandwidth savings due to the CPU and disc space utilized in the process. You will also lose some quality during the process. As a general rule, HEVC is most effective when a source is neither compressed nor uncompressed. Let us now examine how HEVC can be encoded using Handbrake.

For Windows, Mac and Linux users, Handbrake is a popular free and open-source video encoder. Generally, it focuses on ripping DVDs or converting videos to MP4 or MKV containers in H.264 or H.265. People who have used this software figure out that it has complex interface and settings which are more suitable for experienced users.

Now that you have learned how to convert video to HEVC using the HandBrake H.265 encoder and its alternative, you are prepared to proceed. Nevertheless, since players, programs, mobile phones, TVs, and other devices supporting HEVC/H.265 decoding are not yet mature and popular, compatibility or lagging errors may appear when playing HEVC/H.265 content. As a result, it is recommended that you use H.264 as it is more compatible.

1. MKV is not the ideal format for all users, so it is recommended that you keep the default preset or select any other presets based on your needs, such as device, gmail, and general video. On the Summary tab, choose MP4 as the format. The next step is to select H.265 as the codec from the Video tab.

2. Make sure that the video codec is HEVC. In HandBrake, the title will be loaded with basic information such as the resolution, frame rate, audio track, and subtitle track. There is a default preset that provides suitable video/audio parameters, such as the format, codec, frame rate, size, and more. The best thing to do is to change the default preset to HEVC.

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