How To Get More Traffic To My Website – YeahLikes Presents Powerful And Practical Tips And Tricks

How To Get More Traffic To My Website. YeahLikes Presents Powerful And Practical Tips And Tricks.

How To Get More Traffic To My Website
How To Get More Traffic To My Website

You spent a lot of time and effort creating an excellent band website, but now it just sort of… sits there after the initial rush of traffic and compliments from your friends. Could you please explain why it is not being found by potential new fans and industry professionals?

There are plenty of solutions for independent musicians who wake up to double- or single-digit website statistics every morning – but fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available. Take a look at some of the best ways to drive traffic to your music website that you can put into practice immediately!

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex subject, but the basics of getting your band’s website to appear in relevant search results are actually quite simple. Take a look at this SEO checklist for musicians, which covers all the essentials, from creating a target keyword list to optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions. Download the free ebook, A Complete Guide to SEO for Musicians, for an in-depth explanation of how to complete every step on that checklist.

2. Using your social media pages to drive traffic on a regular basis is possible if you treat your musician website as your central online hub and keep it updated. Every time you have a new song or video to share, embed it on your website and share the link to that page across all your social media channels. The same is true when announcing tour dates or adding new items to your online merchandise store. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to direct your social media followers to your website, where you will have the greatest chance of achieving your goal.

3. Include your website in the “about” section of all your online profiles. If a potential fan stumbles upon your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram account and wants to learn more about you, make it as easy as possible for her to do so. There is a “about” or “bio” section on every social media profile, so make sure to include your website URL in all of them. You should have as many links as possible to your band’s website across your online presence.

4. Contribute to a guest blog. Many blogs and online publications welcome guest posts. You will have the opportunity to reach new audiences and demonstrate another side of yourself. If you are an independent musician, you may wish to share your experiences as well as advice for younger bands who are just starting out. As an alternative, if you have a passion outside of music that is related to your brand and your target audience (e.g., fashion, cooking, tattoos, traveling, photography, yoga), consider researching niche blogs that accept contributions. It is important to ensure that your author bio contains a link to your website – not only so that your blog will be more visible to readers, but also so that your search engine optimization will improve.

5. Utilize your email list Your email list is one of the most powerful and direct channels for communicating with your audience. You have a list of fans who wish to hear from you, so do not be shy about using it to drive traffic to your website when you have a legitimate reason to do so. Send occasional email blasts with a call-to-action to listen to your music, purchase your merch, or attend your upcoming performances. It is important not to include more than one call-to-action per email, as that can become distracting and appear overly self-promotional.

6. Create a blog on your band website. The best way to drive traffic to your band website and keep fans engaged is to create a blog. Moreover, regularly publishing new content that contains your band name and some of your target keywords is beneficial to your search engine optimization. You are probably thinking that this will be an overwhelming task. Don’t worry – it isn’t. It is not necessary to write a lengthy essay describing every aspect of musician life on your blog; the majority of your posts can be short and to the point. If you would like to share a new cover video with a personal note about why you chose to cover that song, or share a few pictures from last night’s show, please do so.

7. Run Facebook ads. By now, you are probably aware that Facebook makes it increasingly difficult for fans to view content from business pages organically. Nevertheless, setting aside a small budget for your most important posts can be well worth it in order to reach a larger audience. Your ads should be targeted at a well-defined audience – not too broad or too narrow. Getting your targeting down will take some experimenting, but once you do, you will significantly increase your chances of driving traffic to your musician’s website and converting new fans.

8. When event planners in your local area are searching for talent, Google AdWords can help your band’s website appear in search results when they are searching for talent in that area. In addition, you can use it to create ads that appear on other websites, mobile devices, YouTube, and other websites. AdWords uses a cost-per-click model, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. It is important to note that the more precise your geo-targeting is, the less competition there will be. In turn, your ads will be more effective and cost less.

9. Sell your music or merchandise You can pretty much use any holiday or big event as an excuse to sell your music or merchandise and drive traffic to your website. Around the holidays, offer a steeply discounted bundle. Offer a sale on Record Store Day if you sell vinyl records. Perhaps you could even use the five-year anniversary of your band’s formation as an opportunity to put your debut album on sale. Don’t forget to promote your sale on social media, and send a coupon code with a clear call to action to your email list.

10. Create a contest or giveaway that requires fans to enter through your website. Whether you choose something simple, such as giving away a pair of concert tickets, or you choose something more creative, such as an album art design contest, the possibilities are endless. Promote your contest or giveaway on your website with a straightforward landing page that explains what the prize is and how to enter.

11. Rather than releasing new content across all platforms at once, you may want to “window” the release on your own musician website, where it will be exclusively available on your website for the first two days before it is made widely available. In particular, if you have something big and exciting to share, this is an excellent strategy for directing all of your fans to one central location and generating more traffic for your website.

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