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La La La It’s Love Coffee Prince Kyoto Piano Ensemble – (The Natural Romance Without Effort)


My God, I love the Korean Drama Coffee Prince. Its reminds me of someone whom I love dearly and always will love without hesitation. Did not to think so much, dun know why its there, no matter what, literally no matter what. Literally. It is effortless. hehe. Haha. I feel life has a newer and more refreshed Meaning, Hahahaha. Thank You Everyone for making my dream come true. Thanks again. It is one of the best things in life I have experienced. Blessings To Her. Its is such a blessing to me to know her.

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rn* Enveloping and embrace someone with love, crazy crazy crazy toughness, passion, energy and protection – My Coffee Prince Whom I Will Remember For All Of Eternity rn*

Yours sincerely
Anthony Zheng Gao

Discover 30 Ways On How To Use The Word Run In English (Easy to understand Grammar Lesson)


30 ways to use the English word run from
espresso English net here's why you need
to be careful when studying lists of the
most common words in English many of
these words have multiple meanings and
uses including inside idiomatic
expressions you're going to see that in
today's lesson the basic definition of
run is to move quickly using your legs
for example the athletes are running
towards the finish line or the dog ran
after the car run is also an informal
way to say leave or go for example sorry
I can't talk now I've gotta run he had
to run to a meeting he'll be back later
run can also mean to manage or direct a
business process or operation for
example she runs a tutoring business I'm
running a special project this month
when talking about transportation run
means that a vehicle travels over a
regular route for example the bus runs
every 10 minutes run can also be used
when a machine is working for example
don't put your hand in there while the
machine is running he left the car's
engine running while he went into the
store run is also used when liquid is
flowing out for example my nose is
running I need a tissue tears ran down
her face there's no running water in the
village running water refers to the
modern system where you can turn on the
faucet in the sink and water comes out
automatically run is also used when
someone is a candidate for political
office for example Melanie is running
for state senator joe ran for president
twice and also run can be an informal
way to say cost for example repairs to
your air conditioner can run you a
couple thousand dollars
run is also used in phrasal verbs like
run into which means encounter for
example I wasn't expecting to run into
my dentist at the nightclub or we didn't
finish on time because we ran into a few
problems run over is used when a car
passes over something for example I ran
over a rabbit while driving home from
work if something runs out it means the
supply of that thing is finished and now
no more is available for example we ran
out of popcorn and I had to go buy some
more the kids have been fighting all day
and my patience is about to run out to
run something by someone means to get
that person's opinion or get their
approval for example at work you might
say this to a co-worker I have a couple
ideas I'd like to run by you now let's
look at some idiomatic expressions with
run if someone is on the run it means
they are in a hurry or they are trying
to escape from the police for example I
don't have time for hobbies because I'm
always on the run in this case it means
in a hurry with little time three
criminals escaped from prison and are
currently on the run this means trying
to escape from the police in the long
run means for a long period of time or
in the far future for example I know
it's not fun to do exercise but it's
good for you in the long run to run a
red light means to drive illegally
through a red traffic light for example
he got a ticket after running a red
light if something runs in the family
that means it's a common characteristic
in a biological family for example
mental illness seems to run in her
family to give someone a run for their
money means to compete very well against
someone who is an established expert for
example Johnson is the rain
nning gymnastics champion but I think
Smith will give him a run for his money
this year to run errands means to do the
necessary tasks of daily life outside
the house for example I ran some errands
this afternoon I went to the bank post
office and supermarket if something runs
like clockwork it means it functions
perfectly effectively and on time for
example everything was very well
organized and the conference ran like
clockwork to run out of gas or run out
of steam means to lose energy or lose
momentum for example I ran out of steam
halfway through the marathon and didn't
finish run rampant means to spread grow
or develop out of control for example
the disease is running rampant through
the countryside the adjective run of the
mill means that something is average
typical and nothing special for example
we were served a run of the mill red
wine that wasn't particularly memorable
to hit a home run means to have an
especially successful achievement for
example his first three companies failed
but he hit a home run with the fourth
one this expression comes from baseball
a home run is when a player hits the
ball so far that it actually goes out of
the field the expression the run-up
refers to the period of time leading up
to an important event for example the
competitors are all training hard in the
run-up to the tournament to run a tight
ship means to keep very strict
discipline for example the director runs
a tight ship she won't accept excuses
for sloppy mistakes run interference
means to block or handle problems on
behalf of another person for example the
author gets a lot of mail so she has a
personal assistant to run into
urines for her this expression comes
from American football where one player
might run interference meaning to block
players from the other team so that his
teammate with the ball can have a clear
path the expression have the runs means
to have diarrhea for example after I ate
some pork from a street vendor I had the
runs for a couple of days to run someone
ragged means to make the person
extremely tired by keeping them busy or
overworked for example the boss has run
the whole team ragged by expecting us to
work until midnight every day the
expression run counter to is another way
to say be in opposition to for example
his views run counter to those of his
co-workers to have a good run means to
have a period of success for example the
band had a good run in the 1990s with
several world tours and finally run the
gamut means to cover a wide range for
example her hobbies run the gamut from
stamp collecting to water skiing if
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Health Benefits Of Music (Scientific Studies)


we've been playing music since back
during the Paleolithic era 40,000 years
ago with music as therapy documented at
least since biblical times the first
such experiment was published in the
Journal of the American Medical
Association in 1914 phonograph in
operating room as a means of calming and
distracting patients from the horror of
the situation as they lie awake during
surgery now that we have anesthesia
music is used to calm nerves before
surgery normally we use valium type
drugs like midazolam sold as versed but
it can have a variety of side effects
including sometimes making people even
more agitated so this study was
performed to see if relaxing music has a
greater anxiety reducing effect than a
standard dose of the drug so they
whipped out some Kenny G and the music
worked significantly better than the
drug lower anxiety scores lower heart
rate lower blood pressure perhaps the
first report of any anti-anxiety therapy
working not just as good as but better
then benzodiazepine drugs and the
difference in the side effects of
relaxing music compared to the drug is
obviously there were none soft jazz
causes no post-operative hangover so the
researchers suggest we should start
using music instead of midazolam music
may be effective in reducing anxiety and
pain in children as well undergoing
minor medical and dental procedures
helping with blood draws getting their
shots even reducing the pain of spinal
taps though evidently Mozart is
powerless against the pain of
circumcision but doesn't take a
randomized control trial to demonstrate
that listening to music can be relaxing
tell me something I don't know ok this I
did not know
if you take someone with a latex allergy
and inject their skin with latex to get
a big red angry bump right but if you
repeat the test after they've been
listening to Mozart for 30 minutes they
develop a much smaller bump they had
less of allergic reaction and if you
think that's wild Beethoven didn't work
same Rhea same reaction kind of before
and after right so it wasn't just the
music Schubert didn't work either nor
did hiden or Brahms both failed to
reduce the allergic skin response thus
the reducing effect on the allergic
responses may be specific to Mozart so
Mozart's looking pretty good but wait a
second maybe Mozart suppresses the
immune system in general that wouldn't
be good so they also injected a chemical
that causes reaction in everyone not
just allergic people and Mozart had no
effect so it seems to just suppress the
pathological allergic reaction and if
that isn't crazy enough for you they
drew people's blood after the music and
stuck their white blood cells in a petri
dish with little latex and measured the
allergic antibody response the white
blood cells from the person exposed to
Mozart had less of an allergic response
even outside the body compared to cells
taken from Beethoven blood that is cool
music may even impact our metabolism it
all started with this study they found
that the resting energy expenditure the
resting metabolic rate the amount of
calories burned just lying around was
lower in preemies when they piped in
Mozart which may explain why infants
exposed to music put on weight faster so
much so they were able to go home
earlier now gaining weight faster is
great for premature babies but not
necessarily for adults could listen to
music slower metabolism and contribute
to weight gain no this study found no
effect on adults but they used Bach not
Mozart and Bach doesn't work for babies
either a drop in energy expenditure on
Mozart but
not on Bach this would suggest that
maybe more of a mozart specific effect
than a Universal Music effect what if
you just listened to music of your
choice does it affect our metabolism or
not we didn't know until now and turns
out that listening to music appears to
actually increase our metabolic rate
such that we burn an average of twenty
seven point six more calories a day even
just lying in bed though that's only
about six semin Emsworth better to use
music to get up and start dancing or
exercising music can not only improve
exercise enjoyment but performance as
well a way to improve athletic
performance that's legal male
bodybuilders may be a less enthused by
this effect though after listening to
music for just 30 minutes testosterone
levels drop fourteen percent in young
men and go up 21 percent in young women
all kinds of music or just some types of
music 30 minutes of silence had no
effect same testosterone levels before
and after but half an hour of Mozart
suppressed testosterone as did jazz as
did pop music as did Gregorian chants no
relation what about a half hour of
people's like personal favorites
testosterone levels cut in half
testosterone decreased in males under
all music conditions whereas
testosterone increased in the females
what is going on well in men
testosterone is related to libido
dominance aggressiveness whereas women
get a bigger boost in testosterone from
cuddling than from sex and so maybe we
evolved using music as a way to ensure
we all got along like a melodious cold
shower to keep everyone chilled