Beautiful Music with Lovely Sunrise and Sunrise

Friends, have a calm and relaxing time listening to this lovey music tune and enjoy admiring the beauty of nature. Beautiful sunrise and sunset with mountains and rivers gives you hope and joy.

Sunrise represents the start of the day while sunrise would represent the end of the day. For some people on night shift it is the reverse. However, the most memorable and meaningful feeling is that there is a new beginning and time to rest. Its is so beautiful to be alive and sweet to be able to rest. Embracing each day or evening with gratitude, experiencing the beauty of nature and our surroundings is a wondrous and blessed feeling.

List of videos and credits to the video owners.
1. Neck Pt
3. Mont Blanc
4. Morning of June 28th, 2013

Music Credits:
Morning Mood by Greig

Photo License = CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication