Aquaponics Garden Design – (PVC Pipes, Solar Panels, Swirl Filter With Pond and Bio Filter etc)

Introducing To You Various Aquaponics Garden Designs including Using PVC Pipes, 55 Gallon Tanks, Tubs, Using Solar Power Panels To Save On Electricity, Swirl Filter with Pond System. You get a inside look at how the systems works and how to build it. Besides that, also discover mosquito prevention and bio filter making as well.
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(1) Building Up The System With Fish Tank Cover
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(2) Solar Powered

(3) Swirl Filter with Pond

(4) Cuting Barrels Into Half and Lava Rocks Simple Method

(5) Mosquitoes Prevention
Tim Mann

(6) Bio filter making tips
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【Have a fun adventure building, fixing up and enjoy the process My Friends】