Open Source Sustainable Aquaponics Greenhouse Farm System – Tips and Tricks and How Does It Work

Practical Tips and Experience on bed rocks, using Tilapia with estimated life span of 20 years more or less, using siphons for regulation of water. Owner of Open Source Sustainable Aquaponics Greenhouse Farm System shares also how the nutrient lock out pH Level affects the plant absorption of nutrients. And he incorporates calcium to balance the acidity for the plants.
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Practical Backyard Permaculture Habitat Project With Tips and Tricks

Sharing with You Success Projects Examples with practical tips and tricks for Backyard Permaculture Habitats. Susan Seubert has a platinum certification for her backyard. With variety of plants, insects, animals and having people to create a more eco environment by grow food and maintaining the eco system. Remove weeds and Ivy are one of the steps taken for improvement.
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Sustainable Rooftop Garden Tour – (Variety of Vegetables Grown)

Enjoyable experience and tour of a sustainable rooftop garden where a variety of vegetables and grown and harvested for wine bar and eatery. By choosing vegetable like rhubarb that grows abundantly and quickly is also one of the strategies talked about. This is beautiful and lovely to grow food and cook it with love. Have a nice time watching. Cheers !
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Wild Food Adventures Tour – (Educational Learning Experience & Eating Tour For Edible Wild Plants)

Learn enjoy and appreciate Nature with Wild Food Adventures Tour. A educational learning experience picking vegetables, flowers and food in The Wild and savoring with a pot luck meal after. A enjoyable and satisfying encounter for lovers of nature.
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Basic Hydroponics Theory and Practical Uses (Vertical Farming)

University Specialist and Technicians shares basic hydroponics theory and also a space and cost saving practical method called vertical farming. You get a look at the operations and the importance of such technologies for the growing need for food supply.
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